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The TESLA EXPERIENCE, what is it ?…

Zero CO2 Emissions, Comfort of 100% electric cars, 400 kilometres Autonomy,
1st Class Service, Connectivity – Free WIFI,
Silence – Performance – Elegance,
Environmental responsibility,
200 kilometres Recharging in 20 minutes, 700 Litres Luggage, …


OUR VISION: Environmentally-responsible choices in transportation and travel are essential, urgent and possible.

OUR OBJECTIVE: To respond today to the imperative need to care about our environment and contribute to “green mobility”, while at the same time ensuring perfect comfort for our passengers.
OUR PRINCIPLE: To offer a First Class Limo Service with highly performing, silent, zero-emission cars.

Opt for a first class and eco-friendly service:


The TESLA EXPERIENCE concept: what is it?

Environmental concerns are more than ever on the agenda. So many aspects of our daily lives are among our objectives. Among them: mobility.

Mobility is one of the main areas where our habits and attitudes, and those of society in general, are being challenged to make ECO-RESPONSIBLE CHOICES.

The TESLA EXPERIENCE concept responds to the essential need to care for our environment, also for future generations.

The only company to work exclusively with 100% electric cars, TESLA EXPERIENCE aims to demonstrate that an eco-responsible commitment in the people transport-sector is more than possible.

Our concept is a “1st class Limo Service with zero-emission cars.”

You too, can make this choice. For yourself, for your friends. Treat yourself, and treat your managers and executives, your customers, your guests, your loved ones … to a top quality limo service with chauffeur, clean, quiet…Responsible!


Shuttles & Connections

For connections to and from airports and train stations, city to city, opt for a clean, silent and highly performing car, and a quality service with attention to every detail.
Professional or leisure trip … Feel cool as from leaving.  Neither hassle nor parking expense.
Choose an eco-responsible top quality transport, to get you to a seminar with colleagues or to a party with friends…
Punctuality, flexibility and courtesy guaranteed.


Chauffeur-driven limousine


For your professional trips, business meetings and lunches, for your tours, or city trips… call a chauffeur-service entirely at your disposal, to accompany you for a just few hours, or half a day, a whole day… Relax. Or work as you ride… WIFI is available in an ultra-connected Tesla…
Place your trust in a constantly careful chauffeur to calmly take you to each of your destinations.
Schedule and budget set in advance, on the basis of quote. No hidden surprises. First class service.


Get married in a Tesla

Make your wedding a “sustainable experience”, with a highly exceptional electric car, elegant, efficient, silent, and eco-friendly…
For that great adventure of your life, surprise your family and friends…
Treat yourself to a little crowning jewel that will make the best day of your life truly unforgettable.

First class and eco-responsible limousine service

We offer various service packages that include hours, distances and requests “à la carte”. We discuss every step of the big day with you, advising you in order to avoid any surprises during the course of the day.

The floral decoration of the Tesla can also be provided by us, simple or more extravagant, white or colourful.  A bespoke service for your perfect happiness.




Planning an event? Private or professional?
Your event requires the transfer of important guests, or presenters and entertainers, artists … during the day or the evening?
You are conscious of sustainable development? Or you’d simply like to be “hip”?
TESLA EXPERIENCE is your ideal partner and will add an extra ambiance to your event.
We offer our “First Class Event – Chauffeur-driven Tesla” according to schedules studied with you and our “no surprise” quote at the right price.


Discover Tesla “Baptism”


You don’t yet know the Tesla, but maybe the Tesla’s already in your dreams… little by little, becoming a passion…?
Do you want to find out more about the 100% electric car, powerful, silent, that the press and social networks keep talking about?
We offer you a Tesla “Baptism”, a discovery of its hidden charms, its mysteries of which the press say everything and the opposite…
Take a “Trip in a Tesla”, with our chauffeur (*), a connoisseur who will reveal all its secrets, and there’s so much more than you imagine… You can ask him “Everything you ever wanted to know… about the Tesla!”
For yourself or as a gift …
Starting at a 2-hour trip. For up to 3 people simultaneously.

(*) The regulation of rental services with a chauffeur prohibits us from handing the wheel to a third party. So the Tesla “Baptism” is also a “chauffeur service”. For everyone’s security…



TESLA EXPERIENCE is highly innovative in Belgium in playing the “green mobility” card for passenger transport.

Founded in May 2015, TESLA EXPERIENCE is the first company to operate “100% electric” services for chauffeur-driven car rentals for shuttles and passenger transportation, ceremonies (marriages, private ceremonies, etc.), events (private and professional) and the discovery of electric cars.

In establishing the company, the co-founders of TESLA EXPERIENCE SPRL aimed to play an active role in the development and promotion of green mobility.

  • Thomas TOUSSAINT is the founder and initiator of the idea and concept. Passionate about electro-mobility and captivated by the autonomy and rapid recharge system of electric Tesla cars, as well as wanting to offer a top quality chauffeur-driven service, he made the decision to create his own company, TESLA EXPERIENCE, of which he is founder, partner and director.
  • Loes VAN MECHELEN, founder as well, formerly a business strategy consultant, was seduced by the idea and this concept with a future, and wished to support it. She contributed to the creation of the company, and continues to accompany its marketing and commercial development.

TESLA EXPERIENCE SPRL is aimed at a very broad clientele: directors and business managers, private individuals, families, visitors, tourists, seeking an exceptional 100% electric car combined with an impeccable bespoke service, AND who want to make an eco-friendly choice.

TESLA EXPERIENCE currently operates with two Tesla Model S 85 electric cars. The company provides chauffeur-driven services throughout the area of Wallonia-Brussels (Limburg, Maastricht, Aachen, Düsseldorf, Luxembourg, northern France, Lille, Paris…). One Tesla operates from Liège, the other from Brussels. The company works independently as well as with various partners and platforms.


Information, quotes and reservation

Prior reservation, price packages, fixed in advance. Attractive contracts for frequent bookings.

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